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MLM Software for almost all MLM Business plans

There are various MLM companies that are working on different MLM business models based on their products/services or marketing strategies. Keeping this diversity of MLM models, Emantor Technoedge has developed MLM Software for almost all the business models.

Emantor Technoedge is providing a best in MLM software to manage all the operations those are required to run an MLM Software, named as MLM Superb (Network Marketing Software). Following MLM software are designed by Emantor Technoedge:

  • Binary MLM Software
  • MLM Generation Plan Software
  • Hybrid Plan MLM Software
  • Investment Plan MLM Software
  • Uni-Level MLM Plan Software
  • Repurchase MLM Plan Software
  • Matrix MLM Plan Software


Based on extensive market research

The MLM Software developed by Emantor Technoedge is very much suitable to be utilized in all types of markets. Almost every MLM company can use this software and streamline their processes. It is because there is extensive market research involved in designed and developing this MLM Software.

Highly Affordable MLM Software

At Emantor Technoedge, we aim at building a high quality, yet affordable MLM Software. We design our software with a prime motive that it should be helpful in enhancing our client’s business. Hence, affordability is the key feature of our MLM Software.

Can be customized easily

There are various MLM models and hence various companies work on different models. Each model has its own processes and workflow. So, keeping this in mind, we have developed a MLM software that can be easily customized to a great extent.

Responsive and User--friendly

The software is highly optimized for real time utilization. It is very responsive as it is developed using all the latest technologies at back end and front end. It has a adequately interactive interface that makes this MLM Software highly user-friendly.